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We’re starting a new series of posts themed “Why We Love Oz  in which we’ll give a reason that we’re loving life in Australia.

And in no particular order, the first reason is…

Conservation and being friendly to the environment is a part of everyday life.  I’d like to take this opportunity to share the good news that we’re recycling again!  I will shamefully admit that at home in Des Moines we had fallen out of this habit since recycling was not picked up from our apartments and it seemed like the gas it took to drive to the recycling facilities more than offset the good we were doing by recycling.  (And I’m not making an excuse for our unacceptable behavior, just offering an explanation.)

Our apartment in Australia has multiple recycling and trash bins and regularly pick-up days and times so it’s been a good reminder to us that we need to recycle…which we’re doing regularly.  Even in public, almost all trash bins have an accompanying recycling bin making it easy to be a do-gooder and you know how good that feels.

But conservation goes far beyond recycling in Oz.  All plug-ins on outlets have on and off switches so you can turn off the power to each outlet when not in use.  How easy is that?!

And nearly every bathroom (public or private) has dual flush toilets that allow you to choose between the half-flush or the sometimes-seriously-needed full flush.

Finally — and probably best yet — the water in Melbourne is the best in Australia.  We’ve been told this by several people and although I could only find this article from 2006 to substantiate their claim, our highly discerning water palate tells us this is to be believed.

So we always drink water out of our handy glass bottle that we use and refill from the tap over and over.  I can’t remember the last shocking fact I heard about plastic water bottle waste.   “Used water bottles could span around the circumference of the earth five katrillion times” or something that ominous.

I’m not bragging about our small step in the right direction.  And we’re no where near attempting to “go green”  but it’s good to know that even ‘lil old us can make this world a better place (and to my one particular friend, you know who you are…yes, I truly believe that).


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