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One year ago (give or take a few days) Ryan and I got a bit dressed up…

Stood up in front of God and our family and friends…

and committed our lives to each other.  Magical.  And then we celebrated.  And danced…

Three short days afterwards we headed to make our merry home in Australia, which meant our wedding reception felt like a going away party too.  Read our very first post about our adventure to Australia.

We marvel at all our life’s blessings in this first year of marriage.  It has been wonderful and amazing, full of conversations and learning more about each other, non-stop laughter, home-cooked meals, never-ending games of Rummy (most of which I win), nights out with friends, and traveling together around this half of the world.

Speaking of travel, to celebrate our very first anniversary we are currently at the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland!  Here’s to avoiding being eaten by sharks and poisoned by jelly fish so we make it to year two.  Happy Anniversary to Us!

*Amazing wedding photos were taken by Wendi Riggens

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Our first official blog post!  It’s been a long-time coming but given the past few months, it’s taken us awhile to recharge enough to get this going.  I thought it worthwhile to give a quick snapshot of the past few weeks to kick off our blog.

Friday, May 20 – Ryan traveled back to the US.

Saturday, May 28 – We were married – HOORAY!  Happiest day of our lives.

Sunday and Monday – We packed for Australia, moved rooms in our apartment, said goodbye to family and friends who had come for the wedding, and fit in a graduation party for cousins.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a ton of time to bask in the glow of newlywed-ness.

Tuesday – We returned rented items to wedding vendors, finished packing and moving, and left Des Moines for our twenty hour (and then some) journey to Melbourne.

Thursday – We arrived in Melbourne as true time-travelers.

Friday – We headed up to the Dandenong Mountain Ranges, less than thirty minutes from our house.  These mountains are covered in rainforest – yes, rainforest!  Side note:  We drove through the town Ferntree Gully to get into the hills and I was quite positive there was a Disney movie about an Australian rainforest with a similar name so I googled it.  Now  I’m convinced Disney’s FernGully is based on this rainforest near us…let me live on this delusion.

We stayed at a lovely B&B and throughout the weekend we visited the beautiful little towns, ate at a couple of quaint cafes, saw some magnificent views of the city, and hiked some of the many trails.  I took this picture of the Olinda forest during one of our hikes through the hills.

The picture in the header of the blog is from our half-day at the National Rhododendron Garden.  A blog post and pics from the garden are forthcoming.

I’m sure there will also be future posts about the little towns in the hills but it’s all too much for just one post (or one weekend, for that matter).  We couldn’t possibly explore it all.  And that had nothing to do with the fact that we took five-hour naps during the day.  We were not impervious to jet lag as we so hoped.

Nevertheless, the first weekend in our new city was the perfect beginning to our adventure in Oz.

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