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The thing about taking a break from blogging is that there are big expectations upon returning ; self-imposed expectations but expectations nonetheless.  One would think that after a few weeks off, we’d have something to “show” for it, as in, “oh man, we’ve been so busy on a walkabout around Australia, let me show you the pictures.”  On the contrary, we’ve been busy in other ways.

Over the past few weeks it’s been a whirlwind trying to find a temporary apartment back in the US (long story), flying back home, moving our stuff into said apartment, and fitting in appointments and other necessary things you normally do in a year…in just a week.  Here’s just a taste:

Friday – Arrive in Iowa jet-lagged after 24 hours of non-stop travel, head to Target to buy a few last minute items for the move.  (On a side note: It was like The Mothership was calling me home.  I could’ve stayed there all night, basking in shoe and home decor glory.  I’m not sure I can ever step foot in a Target in Australia again, the disappointment would be too great.)  Head home and start packing up the apartment.  Sleep at midnight.

Saturday – Wake at 6AM to pack more.  Friends and family arrive at 9 to start loading the trucks.  Move to new apartment all day.  Run to Scheel’s to pick up some new, sorely needed, tennis shoes.  In the evening, Andrea, Ryan’s mother, and I had arranged a mini surprise B-day dinner for Ryan at Buffalo Wild Wings, complete with Andrea’s mini-cupcakes that were a huge hit!  Sleep (crash) at midnight.

Sunday – Wake at 7 AM for mass. After mass head to breakfast with family, then tackle errands like; Target (again), DSW, and Kohl’s.

Monday – Wake at 7 AM, 8 AM County Treasurer’s office, 9 AM Social Security office, 10 AM Eye Doc appointments, quick lunch, 1:30 Family doctor appointments, dinner and good-bye’s with  in-laws.

Tuesday – Wake at 7 AM for coffee with a friend, dentist appointments, work meetings and lunches, dinner with friends, start packing to return to Melbourne.

Wednesday – Errands at the bank, oil changes for the car, Walgreen’s for a new passport photo, lunch with friends, a final trip to Target, more packing, dinner with my mom, more apartment cleaning.

Thursday – Final apartment cleaning, “good-bye” to our lovely apartment and view from our deck.  😦

We dropped off Ryan’s truck at a friend’s house for storage and headed to the airport for the long travel ahead.

Saturday – Arrived in Melbourne.  Exhausted.  Happy.

A HUGE thanks to family and friends who came out to help us.  We couldn’t have done it without you, seriously.


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