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I love beaches.   Sun, the smell of coconut oil, the sound of the ocean. Ok, so, correction, I love the idea of beaches.  The reality is unpleasant; overheating, getting an unwanted sand exfoliation, and nearly going blind from the combination of sunscreen and salt water.  I blame the fact that I grew up in the midwest because I’m perfectly comfortable swimming in murky lakes with fish nipping at my toes…but I digress.

Last time Ryan and I were in Sydney, we spent half a day at Bondi Beach.  We wore our swimsuits under our clothes but they stayed dry, of course.  Instead, we were lured by The Sculptures by the Sea exhibit, a coastal walk from Tamarama Beach to Bondi, held only at the end of October.

Bondi Beach

The exhibit features over 100 sculptures from artists all over the world and turns a familiar coastal walk into a 2km sculpture park which is free to the public.

We saw some amazing sculptures set on rocks and on cliffs with the ocean as the backdrop.  Here’s a small sample of the work we saw:





Visit the Sculpture by the Sea website to see images of all the sculptures.


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