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We recently embarked on a mini-vaca down the Great Ocean Road during Ryan’s parents’ recent visit.  It was our first time down the GOC so we weren’t too sure what to expect but we planned a quick two-day adventure full of activities, complete with an hourly schedule in true Laura fashion.

One of our favorite activities was the Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures.  We only had time for the Tree Top Walk although they do have abseiling and a zipline tour.  The tree top walk is exactly as it sounds.  You walk through the forest on these elaborate structures that bring you to the tops of trees.  If you recall from an earlier post, I am very afraid of heights so I wasn’t positive with how I would cope.

First we walked through the forest (and even spotted a kangaroo) to get to start of the tree-top walk.  Along the way we saw massive, and I do mean, massive trees and my heart rate picked up a bit knowing that in a few short minutes I would be at the top of them looking down.

The walk is so cleverly designed.  The whole path is a gentle climb and is well guarded on both sides so even little kiddoes can participate.  We trekked onward and upward, literally. I, myself, was white knuckled the entire time and could barely fake a smile on my face for the thousands of pics my husband wanted to take.  I mean, I ask you, who can think about photo ops when you’re dangling 100 feet in the air and could come crashing to the ground any minute?!  Eventually we reached the pinnacle, aka “The Spiral Tower”.

I contemplated not going up but Ryan would not hear of it.  I bravely soldiered on and in the end I was very pleased that I did.  The view was unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen.

We’ve seen some spectacular views and all of them are amazing in their own way.  What made this view so incredible is that you are in the open air seeing the very tops of trees, some of which were close enough to touch.  It was also incredible to look down from the tops of the trees and see the ground where we were no more than thirty minutes ago.  My description of it and even the pictures cannot do it justice.  It’s pretty mind-boggling.

It was one of those experiences that made me feel more alive.  Maybe it was the oxygen from all the trees, or maybe it was overcoming my fears (AGAIN!) and getting a bird’s eye view of nature’s beauty.

It was undeniably an incredible experience and well worth the $24(?).  We contemplated the zip-line tour but figured we could spend the $115 and 4 hours on other experiences and in the end I think we made the right decision.  We recommend this adventure to anyone doing the Great Ocean Road.  You won’t regret it.

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