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Melbourne Cup Mania

Last week we experienced Melbourne Cup Mania.  Dubbed, “the race that stops a nation”, it’s the major horse race in the country and all of Melbourne has the day off – woohoo! 

We were invited to friends’ house to watch the all-day races.  We partook in a little “gaming” – (not gambling) as it has so cleverly been called- but didn’t pick any winners. 

There were several races throughout the day but the Emirates Cup Race is the big one for the day.  The winner -by a nose- was Dunaden. 

Neither of us are into horse-racing but it was still an event to behold.  If nothing else, the “fascinators”, aka “crazy hats you’d never be caught dead wearing outside of race-day” were fun to see. 

Image courtesy of: millinery.ifnfo

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