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Do you ever have one of those experiences where afterwards you think, ‘How could we have lived our lives without knowing about this or doing this?’  That’s what we felt like after driving down the Great Ocean Road (GOC).  It’s true, before coming to Australia we had never even heard of the Great Ocean Road and even once we were here we thought, ‘Really, how cool could it be?  We’ve seen oceans and cliffs before.’  But this really cool, even though we have seen oceans and cliffs before.  🙂

In a previous post I shared one of our adventures in the Otways National Park and in this post I’m just going to share a few more of our trip highlights.  Keep in mind we did this all in two days.  We could’ve stayed longer and spent more time hiking or doing the Great Ocean Walk but this overnight-er gave us a good taste of what the GOC has to offer.

We stopped at Aireys Inlet where we got our first incredible view of what was to come and have a quick walk-around the Split Point Lighthouse.  As far as lighthouses go on the GOC, this ‘lil lighthouse sort of gets overshadowed by the Cape Otway Lighthouse so I featured it here because it’s cool it in its own right; adorable, a part of history, and free.  🙂  Ryan snapped this gorgeous photo because he was in love with the contrast of the green grass and white of the lighthouse against the blue sky.   Just call him Ansel Adams.

On the next leg of our journey we stopped off at Kennett River where we saw koalas in their natural habitat, which, by the way, is so much cooler than seeing them at a sanctuary.  They were every bit as cute and as slow as the ones we’ve seen at the sanctuaries and they really paid no mind to us tourists.  We were on their turf.  We also saw a ton of koalas on the road to the Otway Lighthouse and spent some time watching them there as well.  I can’t get enough of them.

We stayed the night in Apollo Bay at Captains at the Bay, a wonderful B&B and we enjoyed this place so much that we’re staying there again in a few weeks when my family comes to visit.  The next day we did the Otway Fly Tree-Top Walk and continued on to Gibson’s Steps.  It was a beautiful but windy day so we were able to enjoy the scenery (mostly) alone.

And finally we went on to the Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell National Park.

*Blast, that guy got in my photo!

So if you haven’t done the GOC, I strongly recommend doing it.  We did it in two days and really just skimmed the surface partly because we knew we’d have the chance to go back.  We’ll be dragging all our future visitors down “the road”, in otherwords, COME VISIT US!  It’s an experience we won’t soon forget and neither will you.


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We wanted to showcase some of our favorite pictures we took at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  This posts features koalas relaxing and eating.  ENJOY!

A joey koala…adorable, even from afar.

Koalas eating…

This guy knows what he wants…

This cannot be comfortable…

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Here it is…the long-awaited post about your favorite and mine…KOALAS!

Before I get into it, let’s get one thing straight: Koalas are not bears.  When visiting Brisbane, we spent a half a day at the Lone Pine Koala (not bear) Sanctuary and it clearly said on several informational plaques throughout the sanctuary that koalas are not bears.  Turns out,  They’re actually a marsupial mammal and more closely related to the kangaroo than a grizzly.  I learned quite a lot about marsupials from these articles from Australian Wildlife and (although somewhat shamefully) Wikipedia.  I’ll let you dive in to some of those details while I get to the best part – the pictures!  And PS, I will probably still refer to them as koala bears.

This was not like the typical US zoo that we’ve been to where the animals are caged.  This sanctuary had hundreds of koalas in open “displays” throughout the sanctuary.  There were no cages or panes of glass between you and the koalas.  It was pretty incredible.

I was pretty enamored with them and could’ve watched them all day.  I think they felt the same about me.  This guy, in particular, couldn’t get enough of me.

There was the option pay a sum of money that could’ve fed the whole country of Tuvalu for a year in order to get your picture snapped holding a koala.  We were not takers that day but among those who previously couldn’t pass up the opportunity to cuddle a koala were Eric Clapton, Janet Jackson, and Hayden Panettiere.  The wall of photos made for some good entertainment.  Where else could you see a collection of related pictures that included Taylor Swift, Slipknot, The Queen Mother, and Pope John Paul II?

The next few posts are going to include our favorite photos –although it was quite hard to choose — that we took at Lone Pine.  This includes reptiles, birds, kangaroos, and, of course, koalas doing what they do best; eating and chilaxin’, playing, and sleeping.  We wish you could’ve been there with us!

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