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Growing a (Guy’s) Garden

How do you spend a sunny Sunday in Melbourne?  We spend approximately 2 hours in Bunnings (Menards, for our fellow midwesterners), over $300.00 AUD, and 2.5 hours planting our new deck garden.  Our garden consists of a large variety of fruits and vegetables.  You can find a few pictured below and a list of what we hope to be a bountiful crop.

We’ve planted:

Mini mama capsicum (red bell peppers), White bell capsicum (white bell peppers), Mignonette lettuce, strawberries, Dwarf and honey peas, blueberries, loganberries…

Broccoli bambino, Mini red robin heirloom and Roma tomatoes, Dutch carrots, Sweet basil, chives, spring onion, rosemary, and thyme.

We’re also testing three different types of soil; an organic garden soil, a premium blend potting mix, and a specialized vegetable and herb mixture.

You may be thinking to yourselves how do we know what we are doing and that answer is simple . . . we don’t.  However, I can say that I know a lot more about gardens than my beautiful and always-right wife.  During the planting, Laura received a crash course on how the plants will fruit and how we will know when they are ready to harvest.

In Melbourne they have done a great job in managing their water supplies and in doing water management, many residences have installed large tanks that capture rain water from the roof which can then be used in their sewage system to conserve on city water use.  Our landowners have such a system but they have never fixed the broken pump that would then take the captured rain water and pump it to our toilets.

Due to their lack of conservation and my brilliant ingenuity, we are using this captured and stored rain water to water our new container garden.  Pictured below you can see a small portion of the large tank and a hose that I have disconnect from the pump and we now simply close and open the faucet to utilize the FREE rain water.

We will continue to keep you updated on our container garden and the produce we harvest from it.  After all, you know me and I am a cheap guy so we will have to recoup some of our $300.00 that Laura assures me is a good investment.  I am still skeptical.  🙂

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