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Meat pies, beer, 101,000 crazed fans and the Hawthorn Hawks are all key ingredients for a great weekend at the G – short for MCG – short for Melbourne Cricket Ground.  Ahh, the great Melbournians and their love of shortening words until they are just a letter.  The G is the largest gaming ground in Melbourne, a city that prides itself in being a sports capital of the world.  It can house, from what I have been told, 101,000 fans and it hosts an array of sports from a rare rugby game, to a beloved multi-day cricket match, and, of course, the Melbourne favorite – Australian Rules Football games (footy).

Footy is a game born in Melbourne and enjoyed in their winter season.

I barrack for the Hawthorn Hawks, meaning I am a fan of that team and when you are a fan of a team you are destined to become a member, paid supporter, of that team.  I went to this weekend’s game and it was the Hawks vs. the Bulldogs.  The Hawks are 3rd on the ladder and if I am right, which I usually am, they will be in the grand final this year versus the Magpies and we will WIN!!!!!

And in case you were wondering how the game of footy is played…imagine a mix of rugby, soccer, and American football where the players don’t wear pads, run nearly half marathons every game, and tackle each other at full speed.  Injuries such as broken legs, arms, jaws, and even fractured pelvises regularly.

Click here to see a quick sample of footy in action.

It is a brutal sport and it is a sport every American can grow to love – I have!

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