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Many of you that know me know that when I get asked the question, “How are you doing?” I reply, “Living the dream,” and I have always believed that…even living in good ol’ Iowa. In that dream, however, I could never have imagined Gold Class movie tickets.

Gold Class – “What’s that?” you ask? It’s awesome, that is what it is,  and it’s what Laura and I did last Friday night.

You walk into the movie theater and you are directed to your very own queue (line) like you have a gazillion frequent flyer miles.  After you get your tickets you are sent upstairs to the exclusive Gold Class lounge where a waitress escorts you to your lounge seats.  (Laura’s note: Very posh)

Photo Courtesy of: http://blog.cotewrites.com/

Soon after, you are situated and have a chance to review the menus – yes, menus(!), which include anything from lollies to three course meals to alcohol, and, of course, popcorn!  After you order, you are asked at what time you would like your meal, lollies, alcohol and popcorn delivered during the showing.  (Laura’s note: Always hungry and rather crabby when it’s past our feeding time, we chose our start our three-course meal at the very beginning.)

Since I won the tickets by being an amazing person, ie: winning a team competition at our recent national sales meeting for work, I got to choose the movie. Of course, I chose Transformers (Dark Side of the Moon) 3D, which, naturally, Laura loved and I thought it was okay.  Haha.  After your order is put in and your bill is settled you are escorted to your seats in the small 30-seat theater.  When you’re seated, the waitress asks again if you want or need anything.

Now I say seats but I should be saying extreme lazy boys or giant red thrones. Within arms reach you have a table, a button when pressed brings a waitress at a moments notice and a wine chiller, oh, and the seat recline via an electronic rocker switch (awesome!).

The end result . . . an experience that is worth the money (Laura’s note: Especially when given for free).  It’s hard to believe that the US lacks behind Australia in the “excess-movie-outing-experience” arena.

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