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We cannot say enough about the 3-hour Tasman Island Eco-Cruise we took from Port Arthur in Tasmania.  It was one of the pricier things we did while we were in Tassy but it was SOOOO worth it.  And you know, we’re cheap-as (as they say here in Oz).  🙂

During this cruise we saw beautiful cliffs, caves, and the bluest waters you can imagine.  We were nearly face to face with wildlife, including; a bird-feeding frenzy, seals, and dolphins.  Dolphins!  We saw dolphins totally unexpectedly.  They came and swam and jumped right near the boat.

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And most importantly we were well taken care of by the crew, warm and dry in the provided warm/dry suits, not a moment seasick, and we learned a ton about the Tasmanian environment and nature, in general.  Did you know, for example, that phytoplankton, tiny floating algae, produce half of the world’s oxygen?  I didn’t.

We HIGHLY recommend this eco-tour to anyone.  For other Tasmania ideas, check out the recent post of our Top Five Things To Do in Tasmania.


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