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A friend of mine posted this video on his blog and I had to share it.  I, for one, will never understand cricket even though we’ve been to a match so I got a huge kick out of this farce.  Even if you understand and like the game, you’ll still probably see the humor in this farce.  Enjoy!

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Alright so we did go to a ball game but it was a game of bowls not pitches and the batters wear the safety gear instead of the catchers.  You may be thinking to yourself what sort of outlandish game am I writing about? The answer is the game of Cricket.  A game where test matches last 5 days, yes, that is 5 days worth of play before a victor is determined.

Like so many things the game of Cricket has received a recent face lift due to the younger generation’s lack of attention spans and appreciation of vintage games.  The face lift I have mentioned is called the KFC T20 Big Bash League (http://www.bigbash.com.au/) in which the 5 day long game has been squeezed down into approximately 3 hours worth of play.  We enjoyed a Melbourne Stars game with some Aussie friends at my beloved MCG

Let me paint you a picture of what this strange game is about.  First imagine yourself holding a cup full of your favorite cold beverage, beer in my case, and sitting with 20,000 – 40,000 other people waiting to be entertained by a guy bowling (pitching), a guy batting and players fielding on a field in the shape of an oval hoping to stop a ball from going past a white rope that surrounds the oval.  Throw in a few good friends, your wife if you are lucky, a sprinkling of fireworks, and a lot more of those cold drinks and you have yourself a Twenty20 Cricket Match.

If you want full details about the Twenty20 concept please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty20.  We enjoyed the live game as a good way to visit with friends, watch a professional live sports game for a relatively low ticket price, and enjoy a few of our favorite cold beverages, of course.

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