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It’s the word that comes to mind when visiting Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance,  so much more than a war memorial.

Peace…in the quiet and beauty that surrounds the commanding building.

Peace…while approaching the Shrine, the way your mind settles and reflects on what’s been lost.

Peace…in such contrast to the battles of which the mighty balustrades are meant to represent.

Peace…in honor and gratitude that knows no international borders.  It’s humanity.  (Text at the bottom of the picture reads: “We will remember them.”)

Peace…in simple and profound phrases.  (Reads “Lest we forget.”)

Peace…in respect and remembrance…Courage, decency, self-worth 

Peace…a hope for the future

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We love finding new laneways in Melbourne.  Our most recent discovery was Degrave Street, near Flinders Street Station.

Surrounded by expensive boutiques set in old buildings, I felt like I was back in a movie set in Italy, except all the characters spoke English.

On a recommendation, we stopped in at Little Cupcakes.  Given my sweet tooth, I had to put Little Cupcakes up against our favorite bakery back home, Carefree Patisserie.

They were ever-so-patient with me as I carefully made my cupcake decision (arguably the most important decision of that day), changed my mind, made a new decision, changed my mind…you get the idea.

After all that, we settled on Red Velvet, Vanilla, and a mini lemon.  Ryan and I carefully tasted each one although two of them were mine, all mine ::insert evil laugh here::

We also enjoyed a couple of lattes in these cute customized takeaway cups.

The verdict:  The cupcakes were totally yummy, soft, and just the right amount of sweet.  We weren’t quite used to feeling the grain of the sugar within the frosting but that definitely didn’t stop us from devouring every last bite.  Any self-respecting sweet-toother would do the same.

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There’s so much to love about our host-city, Melbourne.  So much so that I  have a constant and nagging fear that we’ll miss something during our time here.  Exactly “what” that “something” is, there’s no telling.  Hence the fear.  🙂

But one great way to see all that Melbourne has to offer is from the top of the Eureka Skydeck.  We took my dad to this 88-story lookout during his recent visit.

The tower boasts being the “tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere”.

It’s a great way to see all that Melbourne (and surroundings) have to offer and the viewfinders help you locate key points-of-interest like the MCG.

Looking down at Melbourne from the tower gave me a greater appreciation for the city in which we live.  From the mountains to the bay…

Melbourne never fails to impress.

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