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Best.Valentine’s.Day.Ever.  I won’t go bragging on and on about the amazingly romantic Valentine’s day we had.  I could.  But I won’t.  Instead I’ll share one of the highlights of the day as it relates to Melbourne.

Picnics and beaches are quintessential Melbourne experiences.  Packing up a blanket and filling an “esky” — short for Eskimo, a popular brand of coolers – is  a common activity for Melbournians.  And with the wonderful weather and great bay beaches, a beach-day is a regular Melbourne past-time.   Admittedly, we’ve neglected our “pseudo –Melbournian” duties by not enjoying either of these activities enough.

On Valentine’s Day Ryan surprised me with a dinner picnic to the beach to watch the sunset. We drove to Brighton Beach arriving around 7PM with the sun brilliant over the bay.  We set up our beach chairs and enjoyed a fabulous dinner, packed courtesy of my hubs and complete with sparkling wine.

We dipped our toes in the warm water as we strolled along the shore.  Here’s a shot of my gorgeous husband, ooh la la.

And, of course we watched the sunset together.

While we won’t be able to recreate the romance of this Vday regularly (nor would we want to) we agreed that we MUST make beach visits more frequently in the future.  Now onto getting a beach bod…

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I promise you that eating is not the only thing that we do in Australia, but the Melbourne food scene is the real deal and we, as ready and willing gastronomists, plan to learn what we can about Melbourne cuisine.

Brighton, very near to St. Kilda where we enjoyed lunch, is a popular spot in Melbourne, known for its beautiful beach, colorful beach boxes, and chic cafes and restaurants.

For an afternoon break, Ryan and I stopped by The Baths at Middle Brighton for a cuppa and dessert.

We shared a delicious apple berry crumble with a vanilla bean creme.

After our indulgence we walked along the beach and took in more views of the city.  Does it ever get old?

Ryan admired the sailboats and claimed one, of course.  (We need one to match the luxurious beach villa we’ve scoped out.)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll also share one of my moments of non-glory with you.  This sign does not mean that there is to be no skinny dipping in that part of the beach….apparently.   I’d say that the Australian sign for “steep unexpected drop off” (so says my husband) needs to be more clear for non-proficient sign readers like myself.

*If you’d like us to review your restaurant or cafe and publish about our experience on our blog, please reach out to us at wheninoz@gmail.com.

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