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Both Ryan and I have moved a lot in our lives so we know how this goes…we’re old pros.  For months out you can hardly wrap your arms around the fact that the place you’ve called home will become another past chapter in your life.  You may start a list, as we did, of all the places you need to see or all the things you need to do before you leave.  Camping at Inverloch at visiting Wilson’s Prom made our short-list.

Tent with moon

I have mentioned before that I’m not what you would call an “outdoorsy” chick but I do pride myself at being able to enjoy myself in most instances IF it is short-lived and there’s an end in sight. It is with this can-do attitude (ha) that I agreed to go camping over the Australia-Day weekend.  Well, that and a guarantee of toilets, showers, and a water-proof tent.

I’m happy to report that we had a wonderful time.  Inverloch Foreshore Camping is just an hour and a half drive from the Eastern side of Melbourne.  It’s a beautiful little spot with hundreds of campsites.  We had three unpowered sites which were sheltered nicely from the wind by lots of trees and greenery.  The amenities block had been remodeled this year so I have no complaints about the toilets or showers, which were, in fact really hot and had great water pressure.  Our Australian friends are tried and true campers so they had all the supplies this high-maintenance camping girl would need, including a portable ladies-only loo!

We had some wind, some rain, and a lot of sun!  Andersons Inlet, a calm, shallow little bay, not a 2 min walk from our campsite, offered the perfect spot for reading, relaxing, and brief dips in the water.

Inverloch Anderson Inlet

After our camping adventure Ryan and I decided to make a quick drive over to Wilson’s Promontory National Park.  It took us maybe an hour or so from Inverloch but it had been so highly recommended that we knew we had to at least stop there.  The Park boasts the southern-most tip of the Australian mainland but we didn’t make it that far since we figured we’ve been to Tassy so we have the northern and southern tips of Oz covered.

The scenery at Wilson’s Prom was very similar to what we remember from Tasmania.  It’s beautiful and worth visiting.  We made our way to Squeaky Beach, probably another 30-minute drive inside the park.  The beach has rounded quartz sand that literally squeaks when you walk on it.

Squeaky Beach

As we now count down the weeks (eek!) before we head home, we’ll be glad we made the effort to visit these well-known havens for outdoor enthusiasts.  Now I’m not a converted camper — not in the least — but I always appreciate a weekend of food, fun, good friends…and a little squeaking sand.


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